Devin is a landscape photographer based in the United States. The pursuit of adventure and beauty in nature have always been central to Devin's life, and capturing moments of that beauty is just one way he loves to interact with nature and the elements.

Growing up with involvement in the Boy Scouts, Devin has always had an appreciation for the outdoors. however, music was his first passion. Drawing inspiration from the harmony and dissonance that comprises all good music, he seeks to find those same careful balances in nature. Some songs are quiet and some are far from it, but everything has its counterpart in the natural world. Devin believes that interacting with nature can be an evocative experience, where certain moods and emotions are reflected in the relationship between the elements.

After moving west and finding a love for the mountains, Devin began venturing further and further into their depths. Climbing and skiing on beautiful mountains was both inspirational and healing. Mountaineering continues to play an important role in his photography and his relationship with the outdoors. He hopes that his love of nature is reflected in his body of work, and that these images inspire others to seek their own personal bond with the incredible world that we inhabit.